Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Daisy smelling my little heart out!

weeeeeeeee!!I've worked out how to look at being a professional Daisy Smeller without beating myself up for being lazy. I'm just gonna change Pyjama-Sundays to Pyjama-Days. It's sooooo easy - and guilt free!

Sooo today was a Pyjama-Day.....and I enjoyed every minute of it. The Daddio went fishing early this morning (not due home 'til after lunchtime) and instead of getting stuck into giving Chez Sillan a big clean up like I normally do when I have the house to myself.....I went back to bed and snuggled in and dozed until midday!

And I only got up at midday 'cause Maudie popped in for an "escape" visit....and Pyjama-Day or not.....(as all girls will understand)....when a pal needs somewhere to escape to for a few hours the kettle goes on; coffee supplies are checked; and comfy chairs are cleared before the phone is hung back up in it's cradle. It's simply how it is.

Sooooo sleeping in - with only one or two really little interruptions and sitting around sipping coffee and bumping gums with a good friend for the afternoon. Yes. A very successful Pyjama-Day I'd say!

Psssst Maudie.....Thank-Ewe! You were just what the doctor ordered - if I'd stayed in bed any longer I could have very nearly gotten some of those icky bed sore thingos. Phew!!! ;-)


Blogger Candy Froggie said...

ohhh can I join the daisy smeller club???
I wanna I wanna!

(waiting impatiently, tapping feet, to know if I can wear my daisy smeller badge!!!!)

Wednesday, May 31, 2006 6:27:00 PM  
Blogger Miz P said...

LOL!!! Ohhh yuss-yuss of course you can join the club!

In fact membership is automatic to all Members of the *Purple Sofa Sitters Club* you have Lifetime Membership into the *Daisy Smellers Club*!!!

For your little badge....just grab the pic of the Daisy Smeller on the post here and whenever you wanna relax into a Daisy Smelling Day, simply use it!

*sniffing deeply*....ahhhh music to my little nostrils :-)))*^*^*^~*^*

Wednesday, May 31, 2006 6:36:00 PM  

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