Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It's all about balance.....yeahhhhh!

Body Balance = Tai chi, Hatha Yoga & Pilates all rolled into one......where easts meets west and you get to have good fun to funky music and strrrrreeeeetch just about every part of yourself!

Mind. Body. Spirit.

I'm not kidding about the "every part of yourself" thing....since Maude and I have been going to the weekly sessions I've discovered parts of myself that up until now I thought were only a rumoured existence!


This has been my first venture into Tai's the coolest thing. It's kinda like slow dancing....but with a purpose. The purpose is to relax while becoming aware of and connected to the movements of your body. Softly. Slowly. Smoothly.

It's kinda weird to explain. It's not like you simply stand there and move your bits around in this really cool flowing way....well yes....that's exactly what you do, but you actually become the rhythmic movement - rather than just doing it. Make sense? Like I said....really cool!

The Hatha's really cool too. I probably feel my strongest universal connection when I'm doing the yoga part of the session. The stances we do are really quite powerful and to do them correctly takes alot of concentration on breathing and focus on what's happening with your body. Sometimes I have tears in my eyes while holding a pose.....not from pain or anything but simply from the release of whatever has been pent up. Truly awesome to experience!

Pilates....well it's just darn painful and I cringe when our instructor says "Grab your towels!" because I know my stomach and back are about to get crunched and stretched. There's no flowing energy's just a lot of grunting and moaning as we all work our way through the exercises. It's good though because the movements are only small and focus more on muscle control then anything else, which really is kinda difficult. Fun in a masochistic kinda way.

So yeahhhh.....follow that up with a huge Cafe Latte and a health cookie from The Coffee Club and that's how I spend my Wednesday evenings.

All very cool & zen balanced like.


Blogger Candy Froggie said...

oh wawww I wish I could join on wednesday evening! Sounds too kewl!

I'm not surprised with what you say about tai chi, I've always thought it was a great experience!
And tai chi suits you really, I find**~~*^* *^^* *

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 6:25:00 PM  
Blogger Miz P said...

Ohhh yup.....I lurrrve Wednesday evenings. Maude & I make it a kind of "Goilie Adventure". :-))*^*^~*^*^*

And the Tai Chi....yuss-yuss-yuss!!! It's just sooooooo hmmmm....zennish!! lol

Thursday, April 06, 2006 1:54:00 PM  

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