Thursday, April 27, 2006

Always keep a song in your heart - it's like karaoke for the voices in your head.

Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking while they're going about their daily business. Like when they're driving; standing in a queue; loading the washing machine; working; watching telly....that kinda stuff. Thought I'd write down a few of the things that I thought (that I could remember) from yesterday.

  • Today is ahhhhhhmmm.....Monday??? No. No today is Wednesday....bloody stoopid-head public holidays!
  • Nice buns! (Whilst looking into the display cabinet at the bakers of course!)
  • Latte or capuccino? Latte or capuccino?? Latte or cappucino? Ooooooooh...Heavenly Hot Chocolate looks really yummy...arrrgggghhh....latte!
  • I'm soooo sooooo lucky! (I think this alot!)
  • hmmmm.....what folder does Midget keep her Mp3's in????
  • Focus on the doctors face - not the needle. Her face. Her face. Nee...FACE!
  • Why do I name inanimate objects? I wonder if other people have names for their stuff.
  • Noooo.....don't put them down there - hang them up. D.I.N.
  • Keep smiling - keep smiling. It's not you she's cranky at, she's probably having a crap day.
  • Hot in here or hypo? Not hot. Hypo! Jelly beans my I come!!!
  • What was life really like before Google? What did I do before I had Google??? Books? Encyclopedias?The library? Yukk! I luve you Google!
  • There.Is.No.Way.You.Are.Cutting.In.In.Front.Of.Me.Dick.For.Brains.....OK, have it your way but Karma will get very-very afraid! Mwaaahahahahaaha!!!
  • I love you...
  • I'm not hungry. Don't wanna eat. Gotta eat. Damn you diabetes!!
  • Crap! Wee-poo-and-bum! (A constant babble in my daily thoughts.)
  • If I start slowing down a little bit now - it should turn green by the time I get there.!! YUSS!!!!! I am such a legend!!!!
  • 23 big sleeps....
  • Please let them come out alive....
  • The $5 is in your case! Take the deal! Take the deal! Arrrrgggghhhh! Stooopid woman!
  • Pffffft....I told YOU it was in your case!
  • Soooo...if I knit three rows a night every night.....I should have this finished by winter 2009.
  • Write it in the diary - NOW!
  • 6 units or 8? Hmmmm....two pieces of bread,tuna,onion,tomato,tomato sauce and mayonaise....8 units. No. 6. Driving to the school, to Midgets work, to the docs....don't wanna hypo in the car. Are there Jelly Beans in my bag. Where is my bag??? Crap - where did I put my bag??? Ohhh...there you are. Don't ever do that to me again!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Festival of the Sails Pictorial - kinda sorta.

I very rarely leave home without my camera tucked firmly in my handbag - because yeah, that's what everybody does these days. And hey...I can do handbag overload just as good as the next person - 'cause I'm good at that kinda thing. You know, keeping up with latest trends and stuff.

What I'm not real good at (and forrrrrgive me for not being perfect!) is remembering that I've got it and that I have to actually whip it out now and then and use it. So when all the cool-kids are passing their cameras around amongst each other, showing off their booty of pictures - smiling, grimacing, pointing fingers and laughing at the fantastic shots they've just taken - I'm sitting there thinking "Oh crap - I forgot!" and asking everyone to email me the really good ones!

So yeah, on Good Friday, when Maudie and I decided that we'd head off to Suttons Beach for a day of girly-goodness and frivolity at the Festival of the Sails, to watch the start of the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race and soak our senses in the carnival atmosphere - it was no different.

While I was busy being all girly-like excited (oooooooooing & ahhhhhhing...jumping up and down, pointing well manicured fingernails and chuckling - I don't giggle)....and getting caught up in the moments of fun-fun-fun, my camera sat ignored in the darkness of my handbag.

It's all cool though, 'cause I remembered just before the day was over and took some pics anyway - it just takes a little imagination to bring it to life.

Suttons Beach where the big boat race started.

That little white speck on the horizon near the left hand side is one of the boats! Not long before this shot the ocean was bubbling with colour from all the sails.

The Easter Bunny sky jumped here.

I may have missed getting a pic of him arriving but got a cool shot of a seagul in full flight and some bloke having a drink.

There were Camel rides....

....and kazillions of really interesting stalls

Coffee dribble on my top....
....where I missed my mouth!

Swanee rocked our socks off on this stage!

"Lady, what's your name??"....*happy sigh*

Amazingly colourful Kite flying display

Maudie showing her versitiliy at being able to make "do" with a paper bag for a camera shot.

Really really crowded pathways - 10,20,30 ....4000 people thick!

OK....I didn't really trooly miss Swanee....

....and I didn't miss out on having a great time!
Thanks Maude! Let's do it again next year - but you do the pictures ok??

Friday, April 07, 2006

Yes....I was almost bored (not quite though - phew!)

Accent: I speak fluent Strine and lurrve listening to the lilting tones of the Irish, Welsh and French accents.

Booze of Choice: Champagne

Chores I Hate: Hanging washing on the line in winter.

Dog or Cat: Kittys are purrrrrrfectly wonderful!

Essential Electronics: Vivienne; Gavroche & my Mobile Phone.

Favorite Perfume: Chanel No. 5 is very luverly!

Gold or Silver: Both.

Hometown: Brisbane, QLD.

Insomnia: All the time....goes with the territory.

Jeans: Only on days ending with "Y"

Kids: Yes, I like children - I even have 3 of my own.

Living Arrangements: With my roomies - the Daddio, HappyMac, Midget & pooch Podgee.

Most Admired Trait: In others? Honesty

Overnight Hospital Stays: Yep....had a few of those!

Phobia(s): Heights - in chair lifts etc. and small spaces....little planes....tiny boxy lifts.

Quote: How wrong it is for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself - Anais Nin

Religion: Is far too political for me to want to be involved with.

Siblings: Two beautiful Sisters, Three gorgeous Brothers.

Time(s) I Wake Up: 7.30 Monday-Friday and whenever on the weekends.

Unusual Talent/Skill: I can make my children smile by just saying one word - no matter how cranky they are.

Veggies I Refuse to Eat: Haven't met a veggie yet that I didn't end up liking!

Worst Habit: Smoking

Yummiest Food I Make: Everything I make is yummy - well I think so anyway ;-)

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio - one of the nice ones...not one of the yukky vengeful ones.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The truth is out there? Does anyone know the URL?

Why is it that big brothers get such a kick out of annoying their little sisters? My not my was just one of them, the next one up from me...used to thrive on making my life uncomfortable whenever he could in any little annoying way that he could. Ohhh if Mum only knew the half of it!!

Although, if I try real hard to bring it all back....I think I may have been just a teeeny-weeeny bit on the annoying side as well. And if I really look into it....I think I may have been the one to start things most times.

I see the same thing happening with HappyMac & Midget and I have to say, I kind of like it. It drives me bananas sometimes when they are in full swing trying to out do eachother but at the same time I find it...I dunno... comforting (?). In that "we are family" kind of way.

One of the things I miss most about living in the situation I am, is that there is no real family nucleus - it's me, my babes and my Dad living under the same roof. It's family but there is no centre. So when I see my children behaving like brothers and sisters do, I feel the connection of what I remember '"family" to feel like. I just wish they'd do it a little more quietly though, because I'm sure I could get the same feeling at less decabells!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It's all about balance.....yeahhhhh!

Body Balance = Tai chi, Hatha Yoga & Pilates all rolled into one......where easts meets west and you get to have good fun to funky music and strrrrreeeeetch just about every part of yourself!

Mind. Body. Spirit.

I'm not kidding about the "every part of yourself" thing....since Maude and I have been going to the weekly sessions I've discovered parts of myself that up until now I thought were only a rumoured existence!


This has been my first venture into Tai's the coolest thing. It's kinda like slow dancing....but with a purpose. The purpose is to relax while becoming aware of and connected to the movements of your body. Softly. Slowly. Smoothly.

It's kinda weird to explain. It's not like you simply stand there and move your bits around in this really cool flowing way....well yes....that's exactly what you do, but you actually become the rhythmic movement - rather than just doing it. Make sense? Like I said....really cool!

The Hatha's really cool too. I probably feel my strongest universal connection when I'm doing the yoga part of the session. The stances we do are really quite powerful and to do them correctly takes alot of concentration on breathing and focus on what's happening with your body. Sometimes I have tears in my eyes while holding a pose.....not from pain or anything but simply from the release of whatever has been pent up. Truly awesome to experience!

Pilates....well it's just darn painful and I cringe when our instructor says "Grab your towels!" because I know my stomach and back are about to get crunched and stretched. There's no flowing energy's just a lot of grunting and moaning as we all work our way through the exercises. It's good though because the movements are only small and focus more on muscle control then anything else, which really is kinda difficult. Fun in a masochistic kinda way.

So yeahhhh.....follow that up with a huge Cafe Latte and a health cookie from The Coffee Club and that's how I spend my Wednesday evenings.

All very cool & zen balanced like.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Strawhenge??? Where???

In a paddock on the side of the road along the Midlands Highway in Tassie - I kid you not! There's a straw pyramid next to it, just a little bit further to the right.

Further down the road in another paddock there are animal topiaries hidden amongst the trees - you don't see them until you are in the "right" spot.

I lurrrrve Tasmania and the little bits of creative expression that are everywhere there!