Monday, March 27, 2006

Heart thumping experience

I spent my Saturday doing the practical part of First Aid training. What a hoot! As a part of my beoming a Teacher's Aid I have to get a certificate in Senior First Aid - you know, so I know how to do really cool things with a bandage if one of the little possums should run in with blood streaming from part of their body, or something like that.

The thing is though, the Trainer who took the class could have cared less about straight edges on a bandage (apparantly that's a huge issue with some of the First Aid Training places). His thing and what I spent most of the day perfecting is the fine art of CPR. I was sooo unprepared for how physical the whole process is. Seriously, I think there's an opening for CPRaerobics - where you can get fit and learn how to save lives at the same time!

The CPR practice was so intense that the wrist and thumb area of my right hand is still swollen and bruised and my shoulders, arms, stomach and hips ached for a whole day....oh and the area just below my bottom lip was bruised.

By time the class was over and I was allowed to drag my weary body to my car to go home, I looked and felt more like I'd just done a round or two with Mohamad Ali (in his prime) rather than having just spent the day learning how to save a life.

The instructor dude had warned the class that he would be pushing us to our limits....he wasn't joking!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Today's post has been brought to you by the Number 4

Maude so kindly put my name on her list to answer the big "4" - so here we go.....weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

I haven't passed it on to anyone because like Martin, I'm umm...... probably sooo late in doing it, that the whole netosphere is probably up to number 111 by now - better late than never huh?

Does my blog look big in this? I just can't seem to get the look right in setting it out here (why doesn't the Preview on Blogger look exactly like it would on my blog??? pffftt!)

4 Jobs I've done:

Short Order Cook in a Roadhouse
Pay Master

4 Movies I can watch again and again:
Jumping Jack Flash
Thelma & Louise
Delta of Venus
The Castle

4 places where I'd rather be right now:
Snuggled up with G.C.
Sipping Champagne on the sofa at Candy's
In a mountain retreat on my own (with broadband internet and Gavroche!)
Snuggled up with G.C.

4 places where I've lived:
Sunshine Coast

4 places where I've spent holidays:
Blue Mountains
Henley on Thames

4 TV shows I enjoy:
Will & Grace
Little Britain

4 dishes or type of food I really enjoy:
Fresh Seafood
Spaghetti Boscaiola (hilarious Italian-English translation of the recipe!)
My Butter Chicken
Crumbed whiting fillets, mashed potato and green salad

4 websites I often visit:
Candy's Blog
Gals Talk
Mauds Blog

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Weather forecast for tonight :: Dark

Weather forecast for today :: Raining with squally winds. And it's Sunday!

This kind of weather is perfect for staying in and celebrating the laziness of what Sunday's used to be. So I have taken it upon myself to declare today the first Pyjama Sunday of Autumn!! Woooooo-hoooooo to me!

Everyone here at Chez Sillan is snoozing, 'cept me of course. I've had my little lie down for the afternoon and am ready to put in another couple of hours of wakedom until the urge to nap calls my name again.

Have I ever mentioned how much I luve these kind of days?!??

I'm now officially a Student - I received the first bundle of my Course Units in Education Support on Friday and they're sitting on the dining room table just waiting for me make a start. I've choosen to do the Units that lean toward dealing with children with learning difficulties - which is where my passion lay.

I've had a jolly good time organising it all (I'm being facetious). Trying to organise three Government departments and one private enterprise to all play together and share information, is no walk in the park. I would suggest anyone thinking of doing the same make sure they were of sane mind and had their wits about them before starting - because if you don't have that, the system will chew you up, spit you out and say "NEXT!" before you even get close to filling out the first form.

NB - a little bit of trivia - facetious is the only word in the dictionary that uses all the vowels in the order they appear in the alphabet. Just thought I'd share that - as you were.