Thursday, February 16, 2006

Look....I'm not being pedantic here....

.... but if you're the person who keeps putting things back in the wrong position in the pantry here at Chez Sillan - will you bloody well stop it!

It drives me nuts when I open the door and see the the Vegemite sitting (hiding behind actually!) the BBQ & Tomato sauce! Aaaaaand, while I'm at it - what is it with putting the can of cocnut milk beside the honey & maple syrup jars??? What the heck are you doing even touching stuff from the "Cooks" shelf....let alone moving it willy nilly around the pantry! Geeeze Louise!!

Oh....wait, I am being pedantic!

I don't hide the fact that I do suffer from a little anal retentiveness in a few areas of my life...keeping an orderly pantry is one of them. I humour myself with these little idiosyncrasies because I figure my eccentric little old lady has to train somewhere - my 40's seemed like a good place to start.

Soooo's been another busy week here at Chez Sillan - although these days I tend to do everything a little slower so just going out to check the mail rates as busy!

I had my three monthly check in with the Endocrinologist on Tuesday and she confirmed that the dreaded "D" had become Brittle again - doctor speak for out of control. Which is a huge pain in the arse really.

Two main factors for this (she believes anyhow) are the heat - which for some reason plays havoc with bodily functions - and the other thing is that my stomach has become so scarred underneath the skin where I jab myself that a lot of the time the insulin is going into the scar tissue instead of fatty tissue - which means it's not being absorbed properly.

I can't do anything about the weather - so I just have to ride the summer out as best I can. As for the insulin injections, I now have to jab myself a lot lower on my stomach (near where my knickers sit) and also in the top part of my thigh. It's going to be interesting doing either of those when I eat out!

[note to self: always remember to wear pretty panties when eating out. end of note to self]

My iron levels are fractionally better (up 2 points) but are still way too low even after taking iron suppliments for the last two months. So she's still talking about yukky things like popping me off to have a couple of extra tests to check that there isn't some other horrible thing lurking somewhere. "Somewhere" is the area between my stomach and my bowel and the tests involved huge tubes and a camera crew being inserted up my botty and down my throat.

The news thrilled me no end!

I did a lot of fast talking though (amazing how convincing you can be when faced with the prospect of a tube going up your arse!)....and explained that okay......maybe I hadn't actually been pumping into my iron suppliment as well as I thought - it makes me sick so I keep "forgetting" to take it. And maybe I hadn't been so good at eating red meat, drinking prune juice and gnawing on raw spinach everyday - it's been too hot to be thrilled about eating anything....let alone those delicious sounding delicacies! Sooooo maybe I deserved one more chance at trying to get my iron levels back up before we send the swat team into my nether regions.

She was a tough cookie to crack - but after my Oscar winning performance in the "begging" category, she caved in. They always do - no body can resist it.

So, I'm back to taking iron twice a day (yummmmmo!), sipping prune juice (careful not to cough) and gnawing on lots of leafy green things. We had a compromise with the meat - I can drop down to having it three days a week but I have to up the anty on the prune juice - hence the "no coughing" comment above.

On to the good news.....

(although none of that was really nasty news....just darn frustrating mostly). ONE big sleep, I'll be winging my way to Tasmania and my gorgeous hunk of spunky lovelieness for 3 and a bit days! Weeee-blooody-hooooooo!!!

I'm so excited I almost pee myself thinking about it!


Blogger Mean Maude said...

Oh! golly gee I can not understand why you would'nt want the swat team in NOT!!!!

Why do dr's have to be so nasty sure they havent thought of better ways yet. Like wave a magic wond.

I will talk to the universe and see if summer can be shortened and talk to her about making you Sugar and iron levels all good. My alternative to praying. Poor thing I have no clue how ya must feel about it all but I bet it really SUX!!!!!!!!! anyway my ears are yours and i have 2 strong shoulders so bring it on.

At least after he begging your way out of it you have this weekend to look forward too and are you sure it's pee *nawdy evil giggle* have a shite load of fun and catching up ok? and no drinking wine.

and ehem between the 9th and the 16th no posts. Why is that? Have you been busy? doing? *nudges you with the elbow* What exciting new things have you been up too that your Female fans would be excited to read about? *stands with hands on hips tapping the right foot (yes my that right foot)*

Hugs :oP~~~~

Thursday, February 16, 2006 9:35:00 AM  
Blogger Miz P said...

The question is not whether you are tapping your foot or not - the question is what are you tapping it on!!

heheheh-haahahhaa!!! I crack myself up sometimes. Even after I realise that no one will get my ohhh so funny comment if they haven't heard the "old" lady joke!

Doh! Time to check my sugar levels me thinks ;-)

Thursday, February 16, 2006 9:44:00 AM  
Blogger Candy Froggie said...

I expect you to turn into Iron Lady soon, sista!!! You just can't forget anymore to take your iron doses, ok? You promise? Or I'll come around kick your lil bum till I see iron written on your forehead! hehe :)

So your off to Tas!!! (faint)
That's so exotic, romantic, passionate, exciting!
(any chance for photos when you're there?)
I wish you and GC the sweetest/hottest/sexiest/cuddling/tender days together! (happy sigh)**~~*^* ***~~*^* * *

Thursday, February 16, 2006 7:21:00 PM  

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