Thursday, February 16, 2006

First comes the need - and with it the desire to satiate the need.

Then comes the idea. Then the creation and planning of the "dream". Then....if the want is bad enough...comes the action that will make that dream real.

That's kinda what happened with Gals Talk. The website that Maudie and I are playing around with at the moment. I say "playing" instead of working on because even though alot of blood sweat and tears have gone into it - it's been fun!

Gals Talk started out as a thought that was born in the minds of two gals while sitting around having a coffee one lazy afternoon.

The Need & Desire

Way back when I was going through the stuff of getting back on my feet after GC and I broke up one of my biggest "needs" was to find other woman in the same boat as me. Not so easy. Lots of sites on the net for young gals with broken hearts - virtually none for middle agers like myself. When I found I was over the moon because there were heaps of gals just like me!! The only problem was, while the Womans Only message board there was good - the fellas could still sneak in if they were devious enough and read what we were talking it really wasn't somewhere where girlies could talk freely.

I still didn't really have what I was looking for.

The Idea (Dream)

To create a place on the net for women (all kinds of women!) where we can hang out and share stuff with eachother. Somewhere we girls can get together to celebrate all those things in life that make us women - without having to worry too much if there were fellas hanging around.

The Creation

Two minds coming together. Once I mentioned to Maudie what I had in mind "it" took on a life of it's own! She jumped straight in and kept saying "We can do this....we gotta do this!!". We claimed it as our own (to the *Universe*) and the excitement grew and the ideas started flowing from out of nowhere!! Gals Talk was born. One hot summer's afternoon, sitting on the grass in the cool shade at Maudie's house.

I look forward to the day that we (the two Mummy's) become almost unneeded there. It will mean Gals Talk has grown up and is doing the jobbie we wanted it to. Waaaaa-blooody-hooo!!

I'm excited!!

So if you're a girl/woman/have the right bumps in the right places....and you happen to be reading this....what are you waiting for??? Get your arse over there and come shake your wobbly bits with us! We're a friendly bunch and simply lurrrrve having new friends to play with!

Look....I'm not being pedantic here....

.... but if you're the person who keeps putting things back in the wrong position in the pantry here at Chez Sillan - will you bloody well stop it!

It drives me nuts when I open the door and see the the Vegemite sitting (hiding behind actually!) the BBQ & Tomato sauce! Aaaaaand, while I'm at it - what is it with putting the can of cocnut milk beside the honey & maple syrup jars??? What the heck are you doing even touching stuff from the "Cooks" shelf....let alone moving it willy nilly around the pantry! Geeeze Louise!!

Oh....wait, I am being pedantic!

I don't hide the fact that I do suffer from a little anal retentiveness in a few areas of my life...keeping an orderly pantry is one of them. I humour myself with these little idiosyncrasies because I figure my eccentric little old lady has to train somewhere - my 40's seemed like a good place to start.

Soooo's been another busy week here at Chez Sillan - although these days I tend to do everything a little slower so just going out to check the mail rates as busy!

I had my three monthly check in with the Endocrinologist on Tuesday and she confirmed that the dreaded "D" had become Brittle again - doctor speak for out of control. Which is a huge pain in the arse really.

Two main factors for this (she believes anyhow) are the heat - which for some reason plays havoc with bodily functions - and the other thing is that my stomach has become so scarred underneath the skin where I jab myself that a lot of the time the insulin is going into the scar tissue instead of fatty tissue - which means it's not being absorbed properly.

I can't do anything about the weather - so I just have to ride the summer out as best I can. As for the insulin injections, I now have to jab myself a lot lower on my stomach (near where my knickers sit) and also in the top part of my thigh. It's going to be interesting doing either of those when I eat out!

[note to self: always remember to wear pretty panties when eating out. end of note to self]

My iron levels are fractionally better (up 2 points) but are still way too low even after taking iron suppliments for the last two months. So she's still talking about yukky things like popping me off to have a couple of extra tests to check that there isn't some other horrible thing lurking somewhere. "Somewhere" is the area between my stomach and my bowel and the tests involved huge tubes and a camera crew being inserted up my botty and down my throat.

The news thrilled me no end!

I did a lot of fast talking though (amazing how convincing you can be when faced with the prospect of a tube going up your arse!)....and explained that okay......maybe I hadn't actually been pumping into my iron suppliment as well as I thought - it makes me sick so I keep "forgetting" to take it. And maybe I hadn't been so good at eating red meat, drinking prune juice and gnawing on raw spinach everyday - it's been too hot to be thrilled about eating anything....let alone those delicious sounding delicacies! Sooooo maybe I deserved one more chance at trying to get my iron levels back up before we send the swat team into my nether regions.

She was a tough cookie to crack - but after my Oscar winning performance in the "begging" category, she caved in. They always do - no body can resist it.

So, I'm back to taking iron twice a day (yummmmmo!), sipping prune juice (careful not to cough) and gnawing on lots of leafy green things. We had a compromise with the meat - I can drop down to having it three days a week but I have to up the anty on the prune juice - hence the "no coughing" comment above.

On to the good news.....

(although none of that was really nasty news....just darn frustrating mostly). ONE big sleep, I'll be winging my way to Tasmania and my gorgeous hunk of spunky lovelieness for 3 and a bit days! Weeee-blooody-hooooooo!!!

I'm so excited I almost pee myself thinking about it!

Thursday, February 09, 2006


If the Bill to have the decision on the use of RU486 as an abortion drug in Australia isn't handed over to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (the body that controls all other pharmaceutical drugs in Australia), I will never vote in this country again.

Does anyone else in Australia not think it's odd that our Health Minister, Tony Abbott, was given the final word as to whether this drug should be allowed to be used in Aus as an abortion option - when the control of every other drug is handled by the TGA? Is it only me that smells a rat here?

RU486 is already available in Australia - it's in use for the treatment of various cancers. Tony Abbott didn't have the power to veto it for those purposes. Why not?

Whether RU486 is given the green light for abortion or not should not be a political decision - abortion is already legal in Australia. Medical experts, not a Politician should decide the fate of this drug. The decision on whether it is a safe drug or not should, without question, be given to the TGA so that it can be properly assessed in a non-emotional, non-political and non-religious way.

The decision should not be in the hands of a man working with an hidden agenda. The decision to give the Health Minister the power to veto RU486 is the result of a bargain made back in 1996 with independent senator Brian Harradine to get his vote for the full sale of Telstra.

Told you I could smell a rat.

Tony Abbott, the fact that you are a practicing Catholic has less to do with this than the fact that you are a working Politician.

There is no integrity in being a Politician and with this most recent debacle I've lost the last bit of respect that I had for politics and the puppets who play the game.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. long's it been? Two weeks? I'm getting better!

I'll have this whole not being around gambit perfected so well soon - I may never be back!! Naaaa....never going to happen, I'm good but not that good.

Time for Tidbits I feel.

  • With any luck I will start my studies in education support early March, if not April.

  • Because I'm about to officially become a student, Vivianne and all her paraphenalia have moved to my room - which I should add was not just a "lets move the computer then go out for drinks" kind of task. It's taken me almost two weeks to get everything sorted for the move.

  • Midget now has Gavroche set up in her room, ready for a year of full-on study (cough-cough). Her room being "sorted" for the arrival of Gavroche was a bigger nightmare than getting Vivianne to my room.

  • Vivianne, Gavroche and Homer (Happy Macs computer) are now all networked and connected know....happily crunching data at the speed of light.

  • We no longer have face to face conversations because we are too lazy to walk into the next room, so we MSN eachother instead.

  • We're thinking of getting the Daddio his own computer in the lounge room so he doesn't feel so left out and we can have family get togethers.

  • My brother found the missing recipe book and has been saved from living his life out with a woman scorned. If you ask me, I think the finding was just a little too convenient and I'm starting to wonder what was really behind it going missing in the first place. The plot thickens!

  • Don't ask me about my diabetes 'cause I'll probably tell you and nobody deserves to sit through that.

  • I haven't been to yoga for 2 months. Don't ask me about that either or I'll have to tell you about the diabetes.

  • This is not the most exciting post I have ever written but I'm tired and brain dead.

  • Does it show?