Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

When I read that quote the first image that pops in my head is that of a woman whose hubby/partner has in someway done something to wrong her (I'm quick!). And the first wrong that pops in my head is the wrong of her man's infidelity - dunno why it's that one but I don't think I'm alone with thinking that way.

The thing is that while that is probably one of the bigger wrongs that a man can do to his's by far not the only one. There are heaps! I know because 1) I am a woman and 2) I stayed up all night filling up my note book with a list of 100's.......1000's!!

So'd do well to remember that with women, it's not just the big things that count! Ohhhh-nooooo! The little things count just as much!

What do I mean by little things? So glad you asked.

Come between a woman and her chocolate when she is menstruating and be prepared to face a scorning woman for at least a week - could be two weeks, depending on whether you ate the last square or not and whether you left the empty wrapper in the cupboard/fridge/next to the bed.

Tape over any important video tapes (Your wedding/childs first steps/cliff hanging episode of Desparate Housewives) and be prepared to face the scorning until she's damn well ready to forgive you - could be weeks/months/years!

Mess in the affairs of her ohhh....I dunno...have a clean out and throw away her prized recipe books, including the one that she has hand written all her favourite recipes in over the years - and here's a clue for you.......just walk straight into the bedroom and pack your bags. Do not....repeat after me.....DO NOT make eye contact. Do not try and explain why you did it. Just go.

'Cause are never gonna be forgiven for that and she will make it her life goal to make your days a living hell for the term of your natural life. Trust me on thatty!

My wonderful but somewhat misguided brother did just that. In the midst of some kitchen renovations recently, he decided to "help" and cleaned out some of the boxes my sister in-law had packed up. Sooo sooo tragic!

Because I love my brother dearly and because I know how evil a scorned woman can be in this kind of situation (almost as bad a wrong as dipping your wick in someone elses candle btw) I've decided to try and do something to try and help and hope that my good deed will somehow aleviate the life long pain I know awaits him.

My Mission? Contacting all my sister in-law's friends & relatives and asking for any copies of recipes they know they have given her and then putting it altogether into a brand new sparkley book for her.

I really-really-reallly hope that works - 'cause as understandable as it is that he now faces his days living with a scorned woman......he's a lovely bloke....and sure he may at times be a little bit eager with throwing away "her" things, his intention was good.

Wish me luck!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?

Here's the thing - we're shhhhing because I'm sneaking in and pretending that it's only been a day or two since I last blogged alright?

Yeah I know, I's a fib and I'm kidding myself but I'm in denial. I'm not ready yet to admit to myself how hopeless I am at being regular in here.

My BGL's have been a bit skewiff for the last couple of weeks and I'm battling the 'ol brain-fog, so have resisted the urge to jump in and share witty ramblings. Mainly because when I'm in brain-fog there is no witty anything happening with my grey matter. It's all flat and squishy!

But-but-but I've got something exciting to share and I don't want to wait any longer to share it....I might explode if I wait any longer (yes, it's that big!).

GC and I have been talking and we both agree that neither of us really enjoy this whole not being together thing - it simply doesn't feel right for either of us. We're in love and we love eachother - it's never going to feel right not being together.

So my gorgeous hunk of loveliness and me have decided to get back together. This momentous decision warranted a quickly arranged trip to Tasmania to talk over the finer points and ummm....make up for missed cuddles and stuff. Which happened last weekend. It was soooo good to be back where I belonged - on both counts.

It's all very exciting, and I don't think either of us has stopped smiling since we made our minds up! I'm happier than happy....what I'm feeling goes much deeper than that. Kinda difficult to put words to it actually. Warm, glowy, over the moon, spinning in my chair, shout it from the rooftops, feet firmly planted, centred kinda happy only skims the surface.

The fact that I live in Brisbane and he now lives in a little country town in Tasmania is an annoying little detail yes....but not the end of the world. I guess in an ideal world, or a Mills & Boon novel at least, one of us would be arranging to pack up our gear to move so that we could be together right now. But real life doesn't just end on page 284 with the happy couple strolling off into the sunset holding hands. Real life is much more like a Stephen King novel - full of interesting variables and it continues on well after the fat lady sings (ever read The Stand?? OMG...that book is huge!).

So for now and into the foreseeable future (until I'm able to move to Tas) GC & I are going to be part of the most amazing long distance relationship there has ever been! Thank God for modern technology and God bless Sir Richard Branston for bringing cheap airfares to Austalia!!

See, I told you it was big!! I never kid about these things - especially in the midst of brain-fog, 'cause I simply don't know how to joke from there!

And I reckon the fact that this is such an awesome post should more than make up for my lack of daily ones. So I deem myself forgiven for being such a slack arse!!

Friday, January 06, 2006

If everything had a point, there'd be no place to sit.

There is no point that I'm trying to make with this post. No indepth peek-a-boo into my psyche. No extraordinary happenings to report. No nothing.

Just an opportunity to sit quietly for a moment, grab my breath (and my sanity) before tackling the next item on the list.

Oh, hang on. Did I say nothing out of the ordinary to report??

Last night on my way to pick Midget up from work, I almost got wiped out by another car at a round-a-bout. I saw the headlights coming from my right (fast) and didn't really have time to wonder if it was going to slow down - I just kinda hit the breaks and pulled the van over to the left of the road as best I could.

It kinda rattled me but after a bit of mumbling to myself about "bloody young hooons" I was back on the road!

1km down the road.... and another set of headlights is heading toward me (way way fast)....this one had 5 police cars in tow. Again....pull over, to let the flurry past, a little shakily this time. By now, I was starting to get a tad concerned because they were all coming from the direction of where Midget was working!

200mts from Midget's work....and all looks good. No more speeding cars. No more flashing lights. Phew!

Until I turn the last corner....and there in front of me is a sea of red and blue flashing lights - right out front of where my baby works!!

I have never felt the blood rush from my body so quickly. Any parent could imagine what track my mind was heading down. Speeding cars & what seemed to be every police vehicle in Brisbane either in pursuit or in front of me.

As it turned out, the police ahead of me (6 cars) were simply stuck behind local traffic and not gathered "in front" of the complex where Midget was working. As soon as the bottleneck was cleared they zooooomed past me to catch up to the others. Yet another pull over to the left (up over the gutter and on to the footpath this time).....all done with much wobblier legs than the other two times!

As far as "out of the ordinary" things go - I don't ever want to experience that kind of feeling again. Finding myself confronted with a lunatic driver or in the middle of a police pursuit is fine, I just click into "logic" mode and do what I gotta do. Thinking that one of my babes might be in danger (or worse!) another story all together. Once I parked the car - I burst into tears. Funny thing emotions.

Anyhoo....I've since found out this morning that the "offenders" were being chased by the police because they were wanted for "questioning" regarding a local murder. Creepy stuff!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

So, our lesson for today will be.... is best to not wear buckle-up platform shoes while driving a manually geared car. Simply because it's really-really difficult to take them off while driving. But with enough contortion and quick reflexes it can be done without too much woe.

My poor little car (The Beast) is sick....she's been off the road since just before Christmas and the mechanic has very rudely decided to be on his annual holidays until next Monday. Hmphh!

Enter Knight in Shining armour - my bro'. He's very graciously given me his van to use until The Beast is back on the road. The Beast is an automatic - which suits my lazy attitude toward driving. The van is not - which causes me a little grief at times. Like having to change gears 30 times in the short journey to the end of the street (maybe just a slight exageration but you get the gist).

All whining aside - I do actually enjoy driving the van . Sometimes, while I'm driving through boring suburbia, I imagine myself several years down the road when I've got my own van (fully decked out) and I'm heading off for a weekend of "exploring".

It's been a dream of mine that just doesn't seem to go away. Ever since I worked in a Roadhouse many years ago and one of our regular customers was an elderly woman traveller. She would camp over night parked safely nearby - first thing in the morning she would shower then come in with her mug and a tea-bag for some boiling water. Her van was her home and she spent her life travelling up and down the east coast of Australia....and she loved every moment of it.

I don't plan on being an elderly lady with no roots - I need a home. But I'd dearly love to just be able to jump in my own van and take off exploring the areas that have now been bypassed by our super-highways. There is something very liberating in the thought of being able to do that.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Like a midget in a urinal, I can see I'm going to have to stay on my toes!

....because 2006 is here and I wasn't quite finished with 2005. I still have stuff up in the air and I hate that! Never mind....

One of the things that GC introduced me to in our time together was the "Life Wheel" concept....brilliant, brilliant way to keep a track of how things are going in life - a system I'm grateful to have been introduced to.

You draw a pie chart thingo and give each piece of the pie (cog of the wheel) a heading that relates to different areas of your life.

You can have as many sections as you need, mine has eight.

Health - Body - Mind.
Primary Relationship.
Family & Friends.
Work & Career.
Money - Financial.
Home & Surroundings.
Fun & Recreation.

The idea is (or the one I use...dunno if it's the exact way things should be done) at the begining of the year you write a little Mission Statement of where you want to be and how you want your life looking by the year's end. Then on pieces of paper, write the headings (one for each piece of paper) of your wheel. Under each heading you write down the things you need to do that will play a part in helping you fulfill your Mission Statement. These are the things that will keep your Wheel balanced and able to turn.

Each week (Sunday is a good time) you put aside some time to look at how you are doing with any goals you have set yourself and whether your Wheel is balanced and you make adjustments where needed. I love this system because it keeps me aware of exactly what's happening in my life. I can see at a glance if I need to put more time or effort into any area.

Eventhough it takes a bit of effort setting it up and then keeping the whole thing rolling for the actually simplifies life. Admittedly, I haven't quite become a slave to the system - I have times where I can't be bothered with it all but that never lasts too long and I get back into the swing of it.

Strangly enough, it takes a lot of work to make life simple. But the work you put into it is rewarded by making the maintenence of a "Simple Life" easier. If that makes any kind of sense.

Through all my soul searching this year I discovered that I've been living in a kind of self imposed limbo for a long time. Probably since I left my marriage. Then when my Mother's health deteriorated to the point where I chose to be here for her - I completely locked myself into "The Meantime". There was just no other way I could do what I had to do and want to be/have anything else in life.

After her death I'd made several attempts to get back into the swing of life and I pretty much fooled myself and everyone else that it was working. I had the desire, fuelled by the passion for wanting more in life but I can see now (gotta love retrospect!) that it was never going to work because I hadn't unlocked/separated myself from the Meantime.

When my own health began to deteriorate quite rapidly this year, I decided to look into the spiritual side of illness - simply because the scientific & medical side could give me no answers.

And answers were there in my Chakras! In gaining the understanding of why my health is the way it is, I also found the "key" to unlock myself from it. The key is/was, that I have to choose Life. Too easy.

Within days of becoming aware of this I was given the opportunity to do just that. I found myself in a medical situation where I had a choice to make and I chose Life. It was one of the most difficult decisions I've ever had to make - life defining decisions usually are. And it is the one single thing that makes me get up in the mornings determined not to waste a single day of this most precious Life I chose.

So, 2005 is gone - a most challenging year in several areas of my Life Wheel. It has at times been a huge struggle to keep it all rolling along smoothly and I'm not quite sure how I have managed to come out of it feeling content with life. But I have.

I'm tired now though - exhausted actually, and ready to be able to hang up my Warrior boots and not face anymore challenges for awhile. I am more than ready to slip into my pink sparkly Goddess slippers and take on the more gentle side of life.

I'm looking forward to 2006 - it's gonna be biggie....but a goodie....I can feel it in my water. And see it in my wheel of course :-).

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome to the World little fella!!!

My newest little Grand-nephew made his grand enterance into the big wide world on the 27th December 2006! Weeehooo!!!

His name is Louis Samuel and he is simply adorable! Look at those little cheeks....doncha just wanna tweak them??

Mama, Papa and baby doing really, really fine.

[happy-happy sigh]