Sunday, December 04, 2005

It's not what it looks like. Honest!

Ewwww....were you just sniffing your undies??
No! Of course not! I was just checking that they smell nice, some of the washing smells stale water.
Ahuh...yup.....sure it does. Admit it -you were sniffing your undies!
Was not!
Was too!
Too! You're a sick girl Penny......I'm proud of ya!

A snippet of a conversation between my bro and me yesterday morning as I was standing at the clothesline hanging up some washing. He's 50, I'm 44...I'm sooo glad that some things never change! And just for the record, some of the clothes did smell funny (not my knickers though!) and I was just checking alright??

Busy day yesterday. Had a family Birthday BBQ at Chez Sillan for one of my brothers, so it meant I had to actually get up and do a bit of the housework that I've been avoiding all week. All those psychologist dudes are right....avoidence does't make anything go away. I thought it was worth a try though.

So yeah...lots of vacuuming and dusting etc.etc.etc.

In the afternoon the Daddio and I got busy preparing the foody bits. It was nice working together - he was in a really chatty mood and kept bringing up little stories from when I younger and my bum was much closer to the ground. And what a team we made! Chopping. Slicing. Grating. Like there was no tomorrow. Good fun!

Midget got her Learner's License last week - one answer wrong out of 35 (she did 5 extra questions 'cause she's getting her motorbike license as well).....she was pretty darn happy about that and naturally I'm pretty proud that she did so well.

We've had two lessons together so far, only one little incident with a gutter and no major heart failures for the Mummy. It's looking good. I think she'll do OK....she's not as cocky behind the wheel as the boys were. Mainly I think, because she can barely see over it! I've had to stop the "Mummy needs to up her dose of Prozac" jokes though....funnily enough, she doesn't see the funny side of them. Girls are such emotional little creatures. Gotta love 'em!

Had a long deep & meaningful with one of my nieces on the phone this morning. She's 22 and full of questions about life & love and wanted to talk about, amongst other things, how I have handled the break-up with GC - because I'm doing so well, she wanted to know how to do it in case she ever needs to! Bless her - right down to her little cotton socks! It was actually very difficult finding the right words to explain how I do the things I do and why I do them the way I do. We've had these kind of talks in the past and I've always found them a welcome challenge ('tis how I learn).

The conversation got me wondering - how well am I really doing? I guess compared to some who find themselves in the same boat, I'm doing good. Great even. Breaking up with GC hasn't stopped me finding enjoyment in the other areas of my life. In fact, if anything the situation pushed me into making the most of what life has to offer in those other areas. And that's where I spend most of my time. Getting out and about. Doing. Being. Living.

Try and talk to me about "getting back out there" in regard to dating though, and my stomach turns in to one big knot and my blood runs cold. I just can't imagine being with another man and if a guy even looks like he's about to chat me up - it creeps me out. I can't bear the thought of anyone else touching me emotionally or physically. This is not a good thing I feel. It's not something I've experienced at the end of a relationship before - maybe intially but not 4 months down the track. I should be wanting to be back out there dammit!

Midget and I had a bit of a play around with a few online dating sites a few weeks ago. She appears to have taken my "getting back out there" on as a personal challenge. Anyhow, it was all fun while we were messing around making up.....writing truthful and honest descriptions of how wonderful I am. And I get maybe 5 email a day from guys wanting to communicate but I never answer them. I'm sure most of them are decent people but I look at them and read their profiles and seem like a nice guy but you're not my guy.

Major lesson in "letting go" needing to be learnt here me thinks. All in good time I guess. So yeah.....I'm doing really good, just need a little more fine tuning and maybe some time and I'll be doing really great in every area! (I hope!)

Soooo it's mid-morning Sunday. Midget's at work. Happymac is sleeping off last night's party. The Daddio is at the bro's place doing boy stuff. Just leaves me here with a computer and a whole lotta time on my hands. That can only mean one thing! Back to the picture! Then maybe out for a SITC coffee with a gal pal, a little nap, followed by a walk along the beachfront before picking the Midgety One up.

Sounds like a plan.

PS I've got 52 band names now....with a little help ;-)


Blogger Candy Froggie said...

well done, Midget!!!! (laffin about the prozac jokes...looks like me when I'm driving: I've no sense of humour cause I'm way too stressed! lol)

It's good to hear you're doing even *great*!!! ...even if that also means you feel you're not ready to let anyone again come really close to you in an intimate way. Hmm, you're already aware of that, which is a point.. and because of that I think, time will make its work to help you **~~*^* * *

olala, time to run to take Lola at school!

(ohhh LOL about the Bubblegum's band, I was wondering the same :P)

Monday, December 05, 2005 7:53:00 PM  
Blogger Miz P said...

We went driving in a huge empty car park today (almost football field sized)...and I told her to just do what ever she wanted so she could get a feel of the car...and she did! heheh

She had a too! :-))*^*^~*^*

The relationship thing: It just freaks me out a bit sometimes, only because everything feels so different with this break-up than any other (listen to me, I sound like I've had alooota practice at this!lol). Like you say, it's a process and I'm aware of it - so it's all good! :-)*^*^~*^*^*~

Tuesday, December 06, 2005 12:20:00 AM  
Blogger Jack said...

Great post Penny!

My eldest takes her test 23rd December eeek... agreat or bad chrissy awaits ...
the youngest told us she is dropping out of uni yeasterday ... I think her mum is disowning her! I'm once again in the middle with no tin hat.

Bad news on the flirting side though ... Does this mean I shall have to be all 'proper' and 'good' in order to stop you throwing up for a while huh? Darn ...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005 5:21:00 AM  
Blogger Miz P said...

Got my fingers crossed for the 23rd for ya Jack!!! Please don't ever become all proper and good....I wouldn't know how to respond to you! ;-Þ hehehe

Wednesday, December 07, 2005 7:45:00 PM  

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