Sunday, June 18, 2006

It's been a long time coming.....

....but finally BWNN is back up and working (yayyyyyyyy!!!).

In a fit of "must clean up loose ends" I decided on Saturday to have one more go at trying to get someone from the company I am hosted with to see if they could care enough to help me find out why I couldn't get in to the guts of my website. If I couldn't get any help, I was going to start the fight to try and get my money back (ha ha ha!).

I knew it all had to have something to do with the company being taken over just weeks before the problems started - that part wasn't too difficult to work out.....finding out what the actual problem was, now that's been a different story.

Anyhow, it's all fixed and I am ever grateful to Victor and the team for finally getting to the bottom of it. The thing that has my crankymones bubbling is the fact that it needed "fixing" at all.

I understand that when companies are taken over, there are usually changes that go along with it. That's cool. What I don't understand is how, in the changes - my log-in name was changed; directories and folders on my site were moved or renamed and the administration of my site locked....and I wasn't notified about any of it.

Never mind, I'll tick it up to experience and wait to see what "management" have to say about the whole thing, while I decide whether I'm going to let it go or not.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Some people just don't know how to drive...I call these people "Everybody but me."

Sooo mmmm......Blogger just ate the post I wrote. I do not *heart* Blogger in the same way I *heart* Google. Google is ever giving - it gives and gives and gives. No matter what I ask of it - it gives it to me, sometimes much more than I could hope for.

Blogger is not so giving. I pour my soul into it and it takes. Sometimes it takes and throws what I have given it away - as if it was trash.

Blogger is a heartless lover - the "bad boy" of the net that good girls (like myself) just can't stay away from. Blogger, I don't hate you. We've shared far to much for me to hate you - it will take me a little while to forgive you though - you hairy arsed bastard!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Table for three.....

You know those quiz things you do where you get asked to "Name five famous people [living or dead] who you would like to have dinner with and why?"blah-blah-blah.....yeah, well I've done a few of those before and always struggle trying to think of "who". I can just never think of anybody at the time.

Well today, when I don't have one of those quiz thingies taking up room on my desktop, I discovered TWO people I would luve to sit around the dinner table chatting with!!

The first one is the French Novellist George Sand (Amandine-Aurore-Lucile Dupin). What an amazing-amazing woman she was and I can't believe I haven't heard of her before today! I watched a doco on her life on the ABC this arvo - then had to jump straight on to Google to find out more.

Then...then later on this afternoon, I was stuck in traffic and tuned into ABC Radio and there speaking was my second dinner guest!! Robert Maurice Lipson Winston - the guy from the "Your Life in their Hands" series. I always thought he was just a guy who did a great television series but he's not just that at all! He's this really cool scientist dude that's written books and stuff and is a member of Parliment in Britain and everything! And he speaks sooooooo beautifully.

At first I thought it was Sir Ian McKellen, because he has that way with the english language as well - I could listen to both of them for ever I reckon.

Anyhow, back to my dinner guests.....

George Sand was a femnist before the word was even coined, so yeah...I want to sit down and talk with this woman. I just imagine how difficult it must have been for her to "walk" in a man's world the way she did back then. She wasn't "beautiful" but she was full of courage and wonderful philosophies on life. I'm so glad that her life has be documented. It's women like her that give women like me so much to learn from.

Robert Winston, well, aside from having such a wonderful grasp of the english language, he has some very interesting thoughts on science and God that make sense to me - I want to know more!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Yesterday was my last official day at the Special Ed Unit for a while...and it was just a little bit sad - I'm going miss it.

Only my last "official" day because eventhough I'm no longer allowed to say I work there, I still plan to pop in for a day now and then - just so I can keep my foot in the door and also, so I can grab some of the "warm & fuzzies" I get working....being with the *Treasures*.

For the last month, the days that I worked there have been spent mainly assisting the visually impaired Treasures - which has been an amazing experience - both workwise and personally. In learning how to best assist these young folk I've had to learn new skills in communicating and try and gain some kind of understanding of what their world is really like. On a personal level, it's given me the opportunity to see exactly how much we "visual" or even just normal healthy folk take for granted. A lot.

That's why I enjoy doing what I've been doing so much. It challenges me on so many levels, encouraging me to look beyond my own self and learn different ways of looking at and doing things. Not just in dealing with people with disabitlites but learning to understand more about myself as well as how I relate to people in general.

I've quite often said that I believe children are our best teachers - being a parent or being close to them is where we learn to really grow (for want of a better word). Being around children with disabilities is all that and more!

Daisy smelling my little heart out!

weeeeeeeee!!I've worked out how to look at being a professional Daisy Smeller without beating myself up for being lazy. I'm just gonna change Pyjama-Sundays to Pyjama-Days. It's sooooo easy - and guilt free!

Sooo today was a Pyjama-Day.....and I enjoyed every minute of it. The Daddio went fishing early this morning (not due home 'til after lunchtime) and instead of getting stuck into giving Chez Sillan a big clean up like I normally do when I have the house to myself.....I went back to bed and snuggled in and dozed until midday!

And I only got up at midday 'cause Maudie popped in for an "escape" visit....and Pyjama-Day or not.....(as all girls will understand)....when a pal needs somewhere to escape to for a few hours the kettle goes on; coffee supplies are checked; and comfy chairs are cleared before the phone is hung back up in it's cradle. It's simply how it is.

Sooooo sleeping in - with only one or two really little interruptions and sitting around sipping coffee and bumping gums with a good friend for the afternoon. Yes. A very successful Pyjama-Day I'd say!

Psssst Maudie.....Thank-Ewe! You were just what the doctor ordered - if I'd stayed in bed any longer I could have very nearly gotten some of those icky bed sore thingos. Phew!!! ;-)

Monday, May 29, 2006

Back from Tassie - safe and sound!

Smelling daisies with my babyWell actually, I've been home for a week - but being the good girl that I am, I've been following the doctors orders of taking less on and smelling the daisies more (well....I haven't really done a lot of daisy smelling yet - but I've just about got everything up to date so I'm starting today *sniffffffff!!*)

World shattering secret No.5
It's not a case of there not being enough hours in the day or not being organised enough to get everything done - it's that we try to fit in too many things to be done in the hours that we have each day. Colour me enlightened! Until my doc pointed that out to me the other day, I had never thought of looking at it quite that way.

I went to the doc to get a prescription filled and walked out with a free ticket to 6 months of intensive daisy smelling. I still have no idea how that happened! I hate how doctors trick you into telling them stuff!!!!

One minute we were talking medication blah-blah-blah and the next she's asking me all sorts of (innocent seeming) questions about my studies, my work, the Daddio, my children and how much "quiet" time I actually spend in a day. That led to me telling her about my forgetfullness, lack of concentration, blurry vision and feeling like it would be nice to have a little holiday from my life - for just a little while. None of which sounded all that much out of the ordinary - hence me blabbering on so freely with her about it. You know, life gets busy and a little overwhelming at times - it eventually settles down, you remember to "breath" and all is well again - that's just the ebb and flow of life right?

Apparantly not. It seems that the day to day stress levels that I'm so used to living with, which don't seem all that stressful to me, actually put my body into distress these days. Whooda thought having a crapped out pancreas could have so much direct influence over all that. Not me - I still don't really understand it.

I don't understand that if I'm eating healthy, exercising and taking my insulin like I'm supposed to - why can't life be like it was before. I thrive on having more than enough things to do to keep me busy - it's what pushes me and keeps me sane. I operate better under pressure, well....I used to. I don't know how not to be like that.

I'm more relaxed, settled and happy than I can ever remember being - surely that should be enough.

But it's not, I'm now being told that I need to completely click off from a lifetime of habit and way of living and switch over to a more evenly balanced, less busy way of life. Which is great in theory and something that would benefit everyone of us, but how do you "just" do that???

For the next 6 months, so that my body has every chance of regaining some kind of stability, I'm not to work or study. My dream of becoming financially independent just got pushed that little bit further out of my reach.....bah-humbug!

Once I get my head around having to put my studies on hold and not being able to work with my "treasures", I'm sure I'll be much more accepting of my forced "holiday". For now though, I'm still just a teeny-weeny bit frustrated at having to put my plans on hold (again!) because of this stooooopid- stoooooopid disease that I have no control over.

Anyhow, none of that has anything to do with my trip to Tassie, which is what I had planned to write about when I logged in. Buggar!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday afternoon Chinese Portrait

If you were a flower : Lily

If you were a colour : White

If you were a fruit : Mango

If you were a song : Proud - M People (Heather Small)

I you were a country : I'd be Australia

If you were a painting: Starry Night - Vincent van Gogh

If you were a word: Balance

If you were a band: Pearl Jam

If you were a singer: Amy Lee

If you were a landscape: Ancient Rainforest

If you were a dish: Fresh Seafood Platter

If you were a city: Brisbane

If you were a drink: Pimms

If you were an instrument: Accoustic guitar

If you were a tatoo: I'd be symbolic

If you were a scent: I'd be lingering

If you were some kind of art: Dance

If you were a movie genre: Classic Hollywood

If you were a dance: Salsa (Merrrrrengue!!!!)

If you were a quote: Be Silly. Be honest. Be kind. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Always keep a song in your heart - it's like karaoke for the voices in your head.

Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking while they're going about their daily business. Like when they're driving; standing in a queue; loading the washing machine; working; watching telly....that kinda stuff. Thought I'd write down a few of the things that I thought (that I could remember) from yesterday.

  • Today is ahhhhhhmmm.....Monday??? No. No today is Wednesday....bloody stoopid-head public holidays!
  • Nice buns! (Whilst looking into the display cabinet at the bakers of course!)
  • Latte or capuccino? Latte or capuccino?? Latte or cappucino? Ooooooooh...Heavenly Hot Chocolate looks really yummy...arrrgggghhh....latte!
  • I'm soooo sooooo lucky! (I think this alot!)
  • hmmmm.....what folder does Midget keep her Mp3's in????
  • Focus on the doctors face - not the needle. Her face. Her face. Nee...FACE!
  • Why do I name inanimate objects? I wonder if other people have names for their stuff.
  • Noooo.....don't put them down there - hang them up. D.I.N.
  • Keep smiling - keep smiling. It's not you she's cranky at, she's probably having a crap day.
  • Hot in here or hypo? Not hot. Hypo! Jelly beans my I come!!!
  • What was life really like before Google? What did I do before I had Google??? Books? Encyclopedias?The library? Yukk! I luve you Google!
  • There.Is.No.Way.You.Are.Cutting.In.In.Front.Of.Me.Dick.For.Brains.....OK, have it your way but Karma will get very-very afraid! Mwaaahahahahaaha!!!
  • I love you...
  • I'm not hungry. Don't wanna eat. Gotta eat. Damn you diabetes!!
  • Crap! Wee-poo-and-bum! (A constant babble in my daily thoughts.)
  • If I start slowing down a little bit now - it should turn green by the time I get there.!! YUSS!!!!! I am such a legend!!!!
  • 23 big sleeps....
  • Please let them come out alive....
  • The $5 is in your case! Take the deal! Take the deal! Arrrrgggghhhh! Stooopid woman!
  • Pffffft....I told YOU it was in your case!
  • Soooo...if I knit three rows a night every night.....I should have this finished by winter 2009.
  • Write it in the diary - NOW!
  • 6 units or 8? Hmmmm....two pieces of bread,tuna,onion,tomato,tomato sauce and mayonaise....8 units. No. 6. Driving to the school, to Midgets work, to the docs....don't wanna hypo in the car. Are there Jelly Beans in my bag. Where is my bag??? Crap - where did I put my bag??? Ohhh...there you are. Don't ever do that to me again!